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frontend development

I like the idea of using code to solve problems and build something

    Languages I speak:
  • JS
  • PHP
    I can style with:
  • CSS
  • CSS Modules
  • Tailwind
  • Styled Components
  • Bootstrap
    Libraries / frameworks that I use:
  • React
  • Gatsby

backend development

Most of my backend skills are currently MERN stack related, but I've played around with some extras not listed

    I can program my backend with:
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • WordPress
    For CMS, I typically use:
  • WordPress
  • Contentful
    Databases I use:
  • MongoDB


Have experimented with a few deployment environments

    Can deploy on:
  • Netlify
  • Heroku
  • Firebase
  • Any environment with WordPress or NodeJS support
    Other general technologies I use include:
  • Webpack
  • GitHub

featured projects

react component library project banner image

react component library project

This site serves as a React component library inspired by Material UI. Users can explore the components in the Storybook instance, which is hosted on an AWS S3 Bucket and served via CloudFront. The CI/CD pipeline is managed through GitHub Actions.

reactawss3cloudfrontgithub actionsstorybooktypescript
raw muscle 2023 project banner image

raw muscle 2023 project

This site is static pages built using Next.js. When the site is being built, it fetches upcoming events from EventBrite's API.

There's a webhook from EventBrite for the site to rebuild when an event is published, unpublished, or updated. I'm banking on updated including when the event's status changes. Otherwise, I may have to look at using a cron job to ensure that the events are autonomously somewhat up-to-date.

next.jstypescriptreactcontentfultailwindstyled componentsvercel
raw muscle 2021 project banner image

raw muscle 2021 project

This is a traditional WordPress theme build using PHP. I created custom post types without plugins for the owner to efficiently add, update and remove events and performers. I also made the banner image on the home page customizable through changing the home page's featured image, as per the site owner's request.

To combat WordPress's reputation for a slow page speed, I used Webpack with babel loader to bundle the JS and CSS, and to help host the google fonts and fontawesome icons locally.

I had initially planned to further improve on this by handling image optimization, and removing unnecessary features that WordPress automatically adds in the header, like the emoji script and jquery. I've since abandoned this due to preferring to develop in React, and my preference for Contentful as a CMS solution that does everything I want, is quicker to develop with and doesn't require paid hosting for my use cases.

NOTE: The "navigate to site" button navigates to a Gatsby.JS mockup of the site because I've since developed the Next.JS and Contentful site mentioned above for the same client.



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