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gatsby portfolio project banner image

gatsby portfolio project

I made this portfolio using GatsbyJS, and Contentful as my CMS. It's hosted on Netlify, with webhooks for continuous deployment.

fit 'n' focused project banner image

fit 'n' focused project

This is the current project I'm working on for a client. In my development environment, I've created a WordPress instance with custom post types as is suitable for the client. They also have a gym membership app that needed to be integrated to the site. Their app's plan didn't include API access, but just a couple iframes.

On top of optimized images, as is typical of Gatsby sites, I used HandBrake to optimize the home page's video. There's also a popular Gatsby plugin that scrape's some instagram post thumbnails during the build.

When the project's production ready, the intention is to have the WordPress instance on some cheap hosting, and the Gatsby site on netlify, using webhooks to rebuild the site everytime the content is updated on WordPress.

raw muscle project banner image

raw muscle project

This is a traditional WordPress theme build using PHP. I created custom post types without plugins to make updating the customizable content as efficient as possible for the owner. I also made the banner image on the home page customizable through changing the home page's featured image, as per the site owner's request.

To combat WordPress's reputation for a slow page speed, I used Webpack with babel loader to bundle the JS and CSS, and to help host the google fonts and fontawesome icons locally.

The main future improvement I plan to do for this site is finding a plugin-free way to automatically create a WebP version or an image on upload, and to remove unnecessary features that WordPress automatically adds in the header, like the emoji script and jquery. To be completely honest, I'm still not sure if the latter will make much, if any difference; there's quite a few conflicting opinions on the subject online.



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